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from time to time someone on the mailinglist feels TAMI needs something. he then starts a bounty.
note TAMI rent operates on roughly the same idea, see the Money_Matters page for more.
here is a list of past bounties

previous bounties

  • LED projector -the first bounty, a double effort, first buying it then moving it from USA to IL thread#1 thread#2
  • RIGOL DS1054 oscillo-scope bounty - this happened on and off the mailing list, we had a bounty box next to the door. thread
  • Load Pro DC active load gizmo - thread
  • electricity - TAMI eats lots of electricity, after a few melt downs it was decided we got to step up our electricity game. here $$ was less an issue, we needed work done and several people gave a hand. work was coordinated via a whatsup group and a few threads#1 thread #0 thread#-1