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What this page is about

TAMI is supported by you and me, Our source of income are membership dues and donations.
Recommended membership fees are 200 NIS per month.

rule of thumb: if you have a job (esp in Hitech) give money

TAMI is a registered Amuta (as of 2014)

In this page you can see where the money comes from and where it goes to.

How to donate

As of 2014, TAMI is an Amuta, and has a dedicated bank account, and a paypal account.
The paypal might be easier, but it has a higher fee.

Bank Account Transfer

Preferred method!! has lower fees.

U-Bank Account (יו-בנק)

bank number: 26

branch number: 288

account number: 429511

account name: תל אביב מייקרס (ע"ר) 580582278

IBAN number: IL880262880000000429511


Bitcoin address: 1P8yoMmsRNbHQN9mhC2zMia1RkLXRgMfcP



Use the "donate" button for a one time donation, or the subscription for 6 months of donations for 50, 100 or 200 nis.
note there is are fees to pull out money from paypal, there is a secret knock that lowers this for NGO. that's an open birocratic task

Donation per month options

if you would like to pass a onetime donation in any sum, use this link >


לתרומה במזומן, אפשר פשוט לשים כסף מזומן בתיבת התרומות ליד המטבח
לטובת קבלה ורישום חברים בבקשה לשים את הכסף במעטפה אם שם ואימייל ולטובת איזה חודש מדובר.

To donate money, you can simply put money in our donation box.
To pay membership fees put the money in an envelope and write on it your name, email address (for receipt), phone number, and which month are you paying for; then put the envelop in the donation box.

Expenses Overview

up to minute updates on our budget spreadsheet

Recurring Expenses
Expense ----> How much
Rent 6240
Electricity ~1000
Arnona ~925
וועד בית 886


On the 5th year of our contract. our rent bumped up by a 1000 nis for the next 4 years


TLDR we used to pay a lot, now we pay less
see the Arnona wiki page for updates


  • Electricity: ~1000 / mo, lease no. 5330209 pic
  • Vaad Bait: 443 / mo (goes to superintendents, Hanan and the other guy, elevators, no idea what else)
  • Internet: donated WAN uplink
  • Water: פקס אביבים 035222306 חוזה מים 10812275

Any renovation expenses are not included here - paint, hardware (i.e. nails, screws), tools. I think all the tools in the space are either donated or lent for an unspecified period, except small exceptions.


'Around: 8608 = 3240+1000+443

(due water not being taken into account, plus expendables like trash bags, supposing we buy those occasionally and don't get them as donations).

Update Instructions

Update instructions for month cache income (non bank transfer, anything going in the Expense_Transactions_logs section):

  • get accounting scripts localy
  • cash income
    • run ./
    • remove anything that isn't actually a payment from output
  • paypal
    • save all paypal messages via thunderbird to a bunch of eml files in /tmp/paypal/*.eml (use filter, ctrl-A, save)
    • run ./ /tmp/paypal/ and copy paste output here.


expenses used to be posted here in varying details. eradicated to the [wiki history]

Recurring Payments


Expense Transactions logs



new noise underneath us?

new noise source underneath us?