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TAMI is struggling financially; your help in the matter will be appreciated.

Our PayPal account seem to be blocked due to red-tape problems, please make the extra effort and make a bank transfer.

Bank Account Transfer (Preferable)

U-Bank Account (יו-בנק)

bank number: 26

branch number: 288

account number: 429511

account name: תל אביב מייקרס (ע"ר) 580582278

IBAN number: IL880262880000000429511


Use the "donate" button for a one time donation, or the subscription for 6 months of donations for 50, 100 or 200 nis.

Donation per month options


We take bitcoins - jr wallet 1Cp3ZPJHkMmGWzaARaQbGqWdoM7PEyryaf