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pcduino "the book" claims to be a definitive source, i don't see this happening
documnatation of the pcduino is heavily fragmented and 404s a lot.

error on first boot

pcDuino logo (ugly) showed for a sec and disappear
followed display issue fix and bricked it completely.
bonus point: got the serial debug console working.
it was my 1240x1024 screen. pcduino didnt like that resolution/refresh rate. we tried another screen and it displayed ok.

reinstall OS


instruction are a little slim. ill try later


following this notes
lots of dead links...
new images here and a yt video of the process... only do the first part, its outdated a bit.

if your lucky and still has a windows machine somewhere you should be good with the latest "ubuntu 14" kernel+rootfs img.

well its booting with a new (ugly) logo. but then it disappears and im left with a black screen.
luckly i still have my FTDI connected to debug console. so i know it did boot. just no xorg.
pastebin of boot


  • LinkSprite pcDuino3 Nano

product page pcDuino3-Nano_header-Model