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צעדים ראשונים בארדואינו

You can also look at our calendar in a full window / screen here.

If you want to teach a class, just give us a shout. No need to be a member to teach a class or attend one.

Coming Soon!

Mitch Altman's last day a Hacker in Residence at Tami is Tuesday, 15-May.
Mitch will be at Tami from late afternoon till nighttime on Tuesday.
Please come by and say "hi" and "bye"!
Mitch's residency was from 19-April-2018 through 16-May-2018.
Please feel free to contact Mitch: mitch AT CornfieldElectronics DOT com

Recent Events

Arduino For Total Newbies workhsop at Tami 3-May-2018
Soldering Workhsop at Tami 11-May-2018
  • Wenesday 9-May, 9pm-10pm: Tami Bi-Monthly Meeting

Recurring events

  • Guaranteed to be open: Wednesdays from 6pm, A good time for non-members to visit (and if they wish, to work.) see the above calendar for when this is scheduled.
  • Intro to TAMI: a more structure introduction to the space, once in a while.
  • TAMI meetings: see date in the above calendar, agenda in here.
  • Weekly Bicycle repair workshop on Sunday at 8pm (see above calendar for date and time.)

Proposed or future events

If You'd like to organize an Intro to TAMI event, guidelines are in here.