Q: Do I need to know anything about programming computers or playing an instrument to participate in these workshops?

No, you just have to enjoy music!

Q: In that case, what if I am a professional programmer and/or musician?

Please join us! We explore combining new as well as traditional music with advanced technology.

Q: Is this related to a particular genre or type of music?


Q: Is this workshop only about Sonic Pi?

No. In fact, we have not used Sonic Pi very much recently. The primary goal is to create music and explore different techniques and tools.

Q: when do you actully start?

open doors at 7 pm, attendees then proceed to arrange the venue and connect their equipment.
we usually start north of 7:30. please plan accordingly.

Q: when do you end?

the teaching is an ongoing process, it depends on both parties. historically we close around 11 p.m.
with total tutoring time of about an hour. but that realy dpends on the involved parties