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We have ONE rule:
Be excellent to others & yourself!

TAMI is an anarchist hackspace, where you can come and do everything you would like to - as long as you follow our one rule: Be excellent to others & yourself.

How to participate?

Most of what happens at TAMI is done via do-ocracy - if you want to see something happening, make it happen - as long as you are excellent to others and yourself.
If you would like to participate (which is super excellent!), you can do it in many ways, for example:

  • work on cool things you care about & have a great time at TAMI
  • donate money or hardware
  • get in conversations with others and ask what they work on & if you can help in any way
  • organize an event or support existing ones
  • help cleaning up the space
  • give welcoming tours to new people in the space
  • & much more.


All the excellent people coming to TAMI should be able to feel comfortable at the space.
That means if anyone is harassing you / makes you feel unsafe, it's perfectly excellent to ask that person to leave and take a break.

However, that doesn't mean you aren't able to discuss controversal topics at TAMI. But be mindful about having a rational, respectful, mature discussion with others, even if you strongly disagree with them.

If you feel a situation surpresses aspects of your speech and your speech wasn't intended to be hurtful, talk with people in the space in person about it.

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